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38th Soar Workshop

May 14th-17th, 2018

3270 Beyster Building, North Campus, University of Michigan

Duration Presenter Title Links
15 Bob Bixler Modeling Cyberspace Operations slides
20 Mitchell Bloch Computationally Efficient Relational Reinforcement Learning slides
15 Nate Derbinsky Enabling Dynamic Agent-Defined Learning Problems in Soar slides
20 Steven Jones A Human Episodic Memory Primer slides
20 Steven Jones Towards Improving Soar's Episodic Memory slides
20 James Kirk Learning the Task Definition of Games through ITL slides
15 James Kirk Games Learnable by Rosie slides
15 John Laird Update on Common Model of Cognition slides
20 Peter Lindes Cognitive Language Comprehension in Rosie slides
15 Lizzie Mamantov Rethinking motion control for Rosie slides
20 Aaron Mininger Interactively Learning a Blend of Goal-Based and Procedural Tasks slides
15 Aaron Mininger Expanding the Scope of Tasks that Rosie can Learn slides
5 Aaron Mininger Soar IDE for Vim slides
15 Alex Nickels The CyCog System slides
15 Neha Rajan Eight Queens with Fuzzy Constraint Satisfation Problem using Soar slides
20 Preeti Ramaraj Learning Instructor Expectations in ITL Agent Interaction slides
15 Jule Schatz Remote Associates Test slides
15 Jule Schatz Learning to Play Atari Games slides
15 Bryan Stearns A Task-General Learning Model Part 1: Power-law learning with gradual chunking slides
15 Bryan Stearns A Task-General Learning Model Part 2: Task control using spreading activation slides
15 Michael van Lent SoarTech Update slides
15 Bob Wray Story Matching slides missing
15 Bob Wray Using RL for pilot control Y2 slides missing
20 Zhao Reinforcement Learning for Modeling Large-Scale Cognitive Reasoning Using Soar slides missing