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Soar Quick Start Guide

Pre-requisite: if you would like to use the graphical applications included with Soar, such as the debugger and VisualSoar, you will need Java version 11 or higher installed.

  1. Download Soar Release archive here and extract to the location of your choice.

  2. Run the Soar debugger via one of the scripts included in this folder:

  3. Windows users can double-click on SoarJavaDebugger.bat

  4. Linux/Mac users can run ./ from the terminal

The other included applications are used in the tutorial, which is included under documentation/. The manuals for Soar and VisualSoar can be found there, as well.

You can also build Soar from source if you'd like to work with the latest version or make changes to it.

Once you have Soar running, you can follow the Soar Tutorial to learn how to use it.