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Control the behavior of the Spatial Visual System


svs <elements to inspect>
svs [--enable | -e | --on | --disable | -d | --off]


svs <path> dir
svs <path> help
svs connect_viewer <port>
svs disconnect_viewer
svs filters
svs filters.<filter_name>
svs commands
svs commands.<command_name>
svs <state>
svs <state><path-to-node>
svs <state>
svs <state>.scene.sgel <sgel-command>
svs <state>.scene.draw on|off
svs <state>.scene.clear


SVS can be navigated by specifying a path after the svs command. This path mimicks a directory structure and is specified by dot notation.

Path Argument Description
connect_viewer <port> Connects to a svs_viewer listening on the given port
disconnect_viewer Disconnects from an active svs_viewer
filters Prints out a list of all the filters
filters.<filter_name> Prints information about a specific filter
commands Prints out a list of all the soar commands
commands.<command_name> Prints information about a specific command
<state> Prints information about the world
<state>.scene.<node-path> Prints information about a specific node
<state> Prints pos/rot/scale/tag info about all nodes
<state>.scene.sgel <sgel> Sends an sgel command to the scene
<state>.scene.draw on Causes this scene to be the one drawn on the viewer
<state>.scene.draw off Stops this scene from being drawn in the viewer
<state>.scene.clear Removes all objects from the given scene


Each path can be followed by help to print some help info, or followed by dir to see the children of that path. The <state> variable is the identifier for the substate you want to examine. For example, to do things to the topstate scene you would use svs S1.scene.


Print the full SVS directory structure

svs . dir

Print help information about connect_viewer

svs connect_viewer help

Print information about a distance filter

svs filters.distance

Print all the nodes in the scene for substate S17

svs dir

Print information about the node wheel2 on car5


Add a new node to the scene using SGEL

svs S1.scene.sgel add ball3 world ball .5 position 1 1 1