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Arithmetic (with Semantic Memory)

This agent demonstrates the use of semantic memory by extending the capabilities of the Arithmetic Agent. The description of that agent also applies here.

This agent supports using semantic memory through in three different ways controlled by parameters set in initialize-arithmetic.

  1. If the semantic or working memory is pre-loaded with problems, it will use those problems. If not it will generate problems at random.

    • problems-5000.soar and problems-10000.soar contain the rules to generate the working memory problems.
    • problems-5000-smem.soar contains the structure to initialize semantic memory.
    • Controlled by loading one of those files at run time and setting ^parameters.problems-source [wm smem]
  2. Control whether arithmetic facts are computed/stored in working memory or semantic memory. If in semantic memory, will dynamically generated using counting (process-column/compute-result/add-via-counting)

    • Controlled by parameters.fact-source [wm smem]
    • To experiment with impact of semantic memory, can control whether facts are stored in semantic memory (or will always be counted) via [yes no] and whether they are attempted to be retrieved parameters.retrieve [yes no]
    • Number of problems attempted is set by count, which is usually 5000 or 10000.

Note: This agent does not currently work with Soar 9.6.0+ due to changes in the semantic memory model.

External Environment


Soar Capabilities

  • Semantic Memory
  • Hierarchical task decomposition
  • Chunking

Associated Agents

None TODO (not for agents)

Default Rules


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John Laird

Soar Versions

  • Soar 9.2 - 9.4.0

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