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15-Puzzle Agent

This agent is a straightforward implementation of the fifteen-puzzle. It uses look-ahead search to solve the puzzle with a simple evaluation function. This agent also demonstrates chunking.

The puzzle consists of fifteen sliding tiles, numbered by digits from 1 to 15 arranged in a 4 by 4 array of sixteen cells. One of the cells is always empty, and any adjacent tile can be moved into the empty cell. The initial state is some arbitrary arrangement of the tiles. The goal state is the arrangement of tiles such that they are ordered from lowest to highest value. The problem is to find a sequence of moves from the initial state to the goal state.

Soar Capabilities

  • Look-ahead subgoaling
  • Chunking

External Environment


Default Rules


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John Laird

Soar Versions

  • Soar 8
  • Soar 9

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