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33rd Soar Workshop

June 3rd-6th, 2013

3270 Beyster Building, North Campus, University of Michigan

Room 1670

Participant group photo in front of Beyster building, 2013
Participant group photo in front of Beyster building, 2013
Participant group photo in front of Beyster building with arms raised (making waves), 2013
Participant group photo in front of Beyster building with arms raised (making waves), 2013


Wednesday, June 3rd

Time Duration Presenter Title Links
8:30-9:00 30 Registration, Bagels, Juice, and Coffee
9:00-10:15 75
5 Introductions
20 Justin Li Prospective Memory as a Computational Problem slides
15 Justin Li Preemptive Strategies for Overcoming the Forgetting of Goals slides
20 Steven Furtwangler Integrated Episodic and Semantic Memory in Robotics slides
15 Aaron Mininger Methods of Partitioning a Parallel Episodic Memory slides
10:15-10:45 30 Break
10:45-12:00 75
15 Ryan Kaulakis Strategic Approximation of Human Algorithms: A Request for Comments on a Thesis slides
20 Nate Derbinsky The Three‐Weight Algorithm: A Flexible Platform for Integrating Knowledge and Optimization slides
20 Brian Magerko Gestural Constraints in an AI‐based Interactive Installation
5 Justin Permar Leaving the Script: A Blending Approach to the Generation of Pretend Play Activities slides
15 Michael van Lent SoarTech Company Update slides
12:00-1:30 90 Lunch
1:30-3:00 90
10 Sven Brueckner Soar Agents & Emergence: Lessons Learned from Dealing with Large‐Scale Agent Systems slides
15 Scott Hastings Real‐time IO‐oriented Soar Agent for Base Station‐Mobile Control slides
15 Jim Thomas Using Soar to Teach Probabilistic Reasoning slides
15 Isaiah Hines Modeling with Graph-Based Version Spaces in Soar slides
20 Michael van Lent Explaining the Benefits of Soar to non-Soar Experts slides
15 Discussion
3:00-3:30 30 Break
3:30-5:00 90
60 Christian Lebiere Symbolic and Statistical Approaches to Generalization
30 Discussion
6:30-8:30 120 Welcome Dinner Arbor Brewing Company, 114 E Washington St. Sponsored by Soar Tech

Thursday, June 4th

Time Duration Presenter Title Links
8:30-9:00 30 Bagels, Juice, and Coffee
9:00-10:15 75
15 Tory S. Anderson Syntax Stories: Episodic Memory for Language Processing slides
15 Peter Lindes OntoSoar: Soar Finds Facts in Text slides
15 Deryle Lonsdale Installing and Running XNL-Soar slides
15 Shiwali Mohan Resolving References using Situated Contexts slides
15 Shiwali Mohan Learning to Ground Verbs in Actions slides
10:15-10:40 25 Break
10:40-12:00 80
20 James Kirk Learning Game Formulations in a Physically Instantiated Environment slides
15 Scott Hanford Using Soar for Mobile Robots slides
30 Joseph Xu Learning Integrated Symbolic and Continuous Action Models slides
15 John Laird Unification of Activation in Soar slides
12:00-1:30 90 Lunch
1:30-3:00 90
20 Bob Marinier JSoar Update slides
35 Mazin Assanie More Expressive and Knowledgeable Chunking slides
15 Mazin Assanie Soar 9.4 slides
5 Mitchell Bloch Soar‐RL Trace slides
15 Joseph Xu SVS Beta Release slides
3:00-3:30 30 Break
3:30-5:00 90
20 Alex Turner Soar and StarCraft slides
10 Aaron Mininger Improving the Soar Debugger slides
20 Mitchell Bloch Online Value Function Improvement slides
5 Mazin Assanie Memory Consolidation: Some Initial Exploration slides
15 Jon Voigt SimRadio slides
15 Braden Phillips Soar on a Chip slides
5 Discussion


Name Institution
Miguel Adan
Tory S. Anderson Brigham Young University
Mazin Assanie University of Michigan
Ben Bachelor Soar Technology, Inc.
Mitchell Bloch University of Michigan
Sven Brueckner Soar Technology, Inc.
Jacob Crossman Soar Technology, Inc.
Henry Culver Colorado Technical University
David Daniel L-3 Communications
Nate Derbinsky Disney Research
Steven Furtwangler Soar Technology, Inc.
Osama Haddadin L-3 Communications
Scott Hanford Applied Research Lab/ Penn State
Scott Hastings L-3 Communications
Isaiah Hines University of Michigan
Marc Huber Soar Technology, Inc.
Steven Jones University of Michigan
Ryan Kaulakis Penn State Applied Cognitive Science Lab
Christopher Kawatsu Soar Technology, Inc.
James Kirk University of Michigan
John Laird University of Michigan
Matthew Lanting Soar Technology, Inc.
Christian Lebiere Carnegie Mellon University
Justin Li University of Michigan
Peter Lindes Brigham Young University
Deryle Lonsdale Brigham Young University
Brian Magerko Georgia Tech
Bob Marinier Soar Technology, Inc.
Aaron Mininger University of Michigan
Shiwali Mohan University of Michigan
Alex Nickels Soar Technology, Inc.
Van Parunak Soar Technology, Inc.
Justin Permar Georgia Institute of Technology
Ben Purman Soar Technology, Inc.
Brian Stensrud Soar Technology, Inc.
Glenn Taylor Soar Technology, Inc.
Jim Thomas Soar Technology, Inc.
Bob Touchton Applied Research Lab - Penn State
Alex Turner University of Michigan
Mike van Lent Soar Technology, Inc.
Jonathan Voigt Soar Technology, Inc.
Joseph Xu University of Michigan
Jonathan Yedidia Disney Research Boston
Fumin Zhang Georgia Institute of Technology