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Latest Soar Download

The current version of Soar is 9.6.3.

If you would like to build Soar from the current source code, you'll need to acquire the source from our git repository on GitHub.

Soar 9.6.3 Release Notes

July, 2024

This release of Soar includes lots of VisualSoar goodies.

Breaking Changes

  • New chunking setting, automatically-create-singletons, on by default
  • In our work we've found that we usually want all attributes to be singletons by default unless explicitly specified otherwise. This setting attempts creating singletons for every string attribute. We expect this to be a saner default for all users, and think it unlikely to have a negative effect on existing projects. If you have a project that relies on non-singleton attributes, you can disable this setting by setting chunking automatically-create-singletons off.

  • Linux users: Soar was compiled on the recent Ubuntu 24.04, so you may need to update your system or libstdc++ to run the included binaries (or else build from source yourself).

New Features

  • Visual-Soar improvements (thanks to amnuxoll)

    • A datamap can import the datamap of another project
    • Projects can be opened read-only
    • Less change noise, i.e. more friendly towards version control
    • Automatically opens the last project on startup; new "Open Recent" menu option
    • Parser now supports LTI predicates
    • Lots more smaller improvements
  • You can pip-install Soar! (thanks to Jonathan de Jong)

    • pip install soar-sml[compat] is a drop-in replacement for manually installing Soar somewhere and adding its path to your PYTHONPATH environment variable.
    • Note that this does not come with the debugger or other Java applications.
  • New svs commands --disable-in-substates and --enable-in-substates. By default SVS copies the entire scene graph into each substate. This can be disabled with --disable-in-substates to save memory and improve performance. This can be re-enabled with --enable-in-substates if you need to access the scene graph in substates.
  • Python bindings are now compatible with all Python versions 3.2 and up, rather than only with the minor version that was used to build Soar. This is thanks to the work of Jonathan de Jong.

New Website

Thanks to Moritz Schmidt, we have a new website! The URL remains the same: New features include:

  • HTML versions of the manual and the tutorial
  • Snappy full-text search based on lunr.js
  • Much improved editing/deployment workflow based on GitHub pages. We also get the full power of GitHub actions, and use it to automatically check for dead links, for example.

Note that some pages and download links still need to be ported. The manual and tutorial still need to be fully inspected for correctness, and the images in particular still need work.

Other Changes