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Contains commands that provide access to Soar's internals. Most users will not need to access these commands.


                     Debug Commands and Settings
allocate [pool blocks]         Allocates extra memory to a memory pool
internal-symbols                                   Prints symbol table
port                                             Prints listening port
time <command> [args]           Executes command and prints time spent

debug allocate

debug allocate [pool blocks]

This allocate command allocates additional blocks of memory for a specified memory pool. Each block is 32 kilobyte.

Soar allocates blocks of memory for its memory pools as it is needed during a run (or during other actions like loading productions). Unfortunately, this behavior translates to an increased run time for the first run of a memory-intensive agent. To mitigate this, blocks can be allocated before a run by using this command.

Issuing the command with no parameters lists current pool usage, exactly like stats command's memory flag.

Issuing the command with part of a pool's name and a positive integer will allocate that many additional blocks for the specified pool. Only the first few letters of the pool's name are necessary. If more than one pool starts with the given letters, which pool will be chosen is unspecified.

Memory pool block size in this context is approximately 32 kilobytes, the exact size determined during agent initialization.

debug internal-symbols

The internal-symbols command prints information about the Soar symbol table. Such information is typically only useful for users attempting to debug Soar by locating memory leaks or examining I/O structure.

debug port

The port command prints the port the kernel instance is listening on.

debug time

debug time command [arguments]

The time command uses a system clock timer to record the time spent while executing a command. The most common use for this is to time how long an agent takes to run.

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