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  • SoarUnit


    SoarUnit is a framework for unit testing Soar code introduced in JSoar 0.10.1. It is implemented as part of JSoar, but it supports running code in either JSoar or CSoar 9.3.1. When run, SoarUnit scans a given directory for test cases (see below) and runs all of the tests that are found. It then reports the test results, either in a text format, or through a user interface similar to the JUnit view in Eclipse.

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    • Extensive
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  • SoarIDE


    The SoarIDE is an advanced editor for the Soar programming language based on the Eclipse platform, developed by Soar Technology. As an Eclipse plugin, the SoarIDE leverages all of the core features of Eclipse including a flexible UI, update manager, regex cross-file search, project organization, a diff tool with integrated version control and local file history, and much more!

    The SoarIDE provides:
    • Syntax Highlighting
    • Error and Warning Marking
    • Content Assist and Code Completion
    • Code
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  • Soar Data Collector

    Soar Data Collector

    A Java library for collecting performance statistics for a running Soar agent.

    Statistics are collected at configurable intervals during a run and include:
    • cumulative cpu usage times
    • number of productions fired
    • working memory size, high and low water marks
    • working memory deltas
    • maximum/minimum decision cycle times, wm deltas, production firings
    • epmem and smem statistics including memory, queries, stores, retrieves
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  • jSoar

    in Soar


    JSoar is a pure Java implementation of most of Soar.

    While there may be a reduced feature set -- JSoar is based on the 9.0.1 kernel and does not YET include capabilities added after 9.3.4 -- there are a few benefits to a pure-Java implementation of Soar:
    • Idiomatic Java API in contrast to CSoar's SWIG-generated bindings.
    • "Free" multi-language support (JRuby, Jython, Rhino (JavaScript), Groovy, Scala, Clojure, etc)
    • A codebase and tools more friendly to rapid research
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