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  • Working Memory Activation Tracker

    Working Memory Activation Tracker

    This is a simple pair of scripts to help debug/visualize working-memory activation values. The first script (gen_wma.cpp) runs a Soar agent for a fixed number of decisions, outputting working memory at each decision to a specially named file. The second script (aggregate_wma.php) takes these files and produces a CSV file where every working-memory element (columns) has an activation value for every decision (rows). This allows for easy graphing of activation in Excel, for instance.

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  • State2Dot


    A command-line python script to convert printed states (e.g. the output of "print -d 100 s1") to a GraphViz DOT file. You can then use that DOT file with GraphViz to produce a graph that can help you visualize the working memory elements that compose the state.

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    • None
    • Justin Li
    Soar Versions
    • Any
    • Python
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  • SoarUnit


    SoarUnit is a framework for unit testing Soar code introduced in JSoar 0.10.1. It is implemented as part of JSoar, but it supports running code in either JSoar or CSoar 9.3.1. When run, SoarUnit scans a given directory for test cases (see below) and runs all of the tests that are found. It then reports the test results, either in a text format, or through a user interface similar to the JUnit view in Eclipse.

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    • Extensive
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  • Soar Data Collector

    Soar Data Collector

    A Java library for collecting performance statistics for a running Soar agent.

    Statistics are collected at configurable intervals during a run and include:
    • cumulative cpu usage times
    • number of productions fired
    • working memory size, high and low water marks
    • working memory deltas
    • maximum/minimum decision cycle times, wm deltas, production firings
    • epmem and smem statistics including memory, queries, stores, retrieves
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  • QuickLink Input Simulator

    QuickLink Input Simulator

    The purpose of this tool is to give complete control of the input-link to the Soar programmer. QuickLink can be thought of as a way to "fake" an external application, such as a game or simulation, in order to test specific circumstances that are rare and/or hard to reproduce. QuickLink currently can only be operated through the use of a command line interface.

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  • Episodic Memory Size Tool

    Episodic Memory Size Tool

    This tool is a command-line python script to determine the size of episodes in episodic memory.

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    • None.
    • Justin Li
    Soar Versions
    • Any with episodic memory; version must match the one that produced the DB.
    • Python
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  • Soar Debugger

    Soar Debugger

    A powerful Soar debugger implemented in Java that interfaces with Soar via SML. The debugger can run a Soar agent within it or hook up remotely to agents running in an environment or another computer.

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    • The Soar debugger is included with the SoarSuite release. There is a batch or script file at the top level of the SoarSuite folder that will launch it.
    • An introductory tutorial to the Soar debugger can be found at this page.
    • Douglas Pearson
    • Bob
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  • Soar Design Dogma

    Soar Design Dogma

    Andrew Nuxoll and John Laird version 0.6 – 07 July 2003


    This document contains a collection of Soar wisdom gathered during a series of conversations between John Laird and myself as I mounted the Soar learning curve over the course of my first year as a graduate student at the University of Michigan. My hope was that by writing these guidelines down I might ease the curve for future Soar users. To get the most value from this document, I recommend you read...
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  • Intro to the Soar Debugger

    Intro to the Soar Debugger

    A brief overview of the Soar java-based debugger. ...
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