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  • WordNet WSD (with Parse Trees)

    WordNet WSD (with Parse Trees)

    This project is a word sense disambiguation task that uses a different approach than WordNet for Soar. While they both use the same corpus, this formulation gives the agent a syntactic parse tree (not a graph) and a word, and the agent is asked to disambiguate the word. Many structures are repeated within the tree over multiple sentences.

    Download LinksNote: The domain requires the soar_exp package above (but will soon be rewritten it so it doesn't). Also...
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  • WordNet WSD

    WordNet WSD

    This project is a word sense disambiguation task that involves some preliminary work importing a WordNet database into Soar's Semantic Memory. It contains a set of PhP scripts that does various conversions to a format that Soar can use and an agent that uses that knowledge to disambiguate words in various sentences.

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    • Pending
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    Data Source

    We are using data from the WN-LEXICAL project:...
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