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  • Visual Soar Key Bindings

    Visual Soar Key Bindings

    VisualSoar Keybindings

    Project Level Actions:
    Ctrl-n | Open a new VisualSoar project
    Ctrl-o | Open an existing VisualSoar project
    Ctrl-f | Open a text file
    Alt-x | Close VisualSoar
    Ctrl-t | Tile windows
    Ctrl-T | Re-Tile windows

    File Level Actions:
    Ctrl-s | Save current file in the current window
    Ctrl-d | Redraw color syntax in the current window
    Ctrl-j | Rejustify text in the current window...
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  • Soar Manual

    Soar Manual

    A handy reference and the authoritative documentation for Soar.

    The official Soar Manual can be found here.

    Note that the manual will no longer be distributed in binary downloads and will only be posted online. This change is intended to allow us to continually improve the manual and provide the most up-to-date version.

    Update History:
    • 7/20/17: Partially updated for Soar 9.6.0. Does not yet include new chapter on explanation-based chunking, the explainer
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