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  • Soar 9.6.0 Source Code

    in Soar

    Soar 9.6.0 Source Code

    • The following download contains the latest official release of Soar, which is currently 9.6.0.

      Soar 9.6.0 Source Code
    Important Note: If you want the bleeding-edge, latest release of the Soar code, clone or download a copy of the development branch directly from the Soar repository on...
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  • Getting the Source

    Getting the Source

    To get the source code:
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  • How Library Search Paths Work

    How Library Search Paths Work

    OS-Specific Library Search Paths

    This section is not about building Soar, but running the executables that you've built.


    In Linux, the GNU linker provides an -rpath flag that hard codes library search paths into executables. We use this flag for all native executables, such as TestCLI and TestSoarPerformance. These paths are set assuming that the executables and required libraries (specifically reside in the same directory, which is the default...
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  • Scons Build Script Documentation

    Scons Build Script Documentation

    As of version 9.3.2, Soar is built by a single SCons script for all operating systems. SCons tries to be smart and uses the appropriate compilers, linkers, and other commands for your OS. A version of SCons is distributed in the Soar source tree, so you don't need to install it separately. To run the builder, start a shell (Visual Studio Command Prompt in Windows, see below), cd into the SoarSuite directory and type

    python scons/ <options>

    or if you want to...
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  • Building on Mac OS X

    Building on Mac OS X

    Install the Prerequisites
    • XCode: Required.
      • XCode is the Mac OS development environment under which you'll build Soar. It is free with the latest version of MacOS. This is required.
      • Found on the app store or at here.
    • Java Development Kit: Required.
      • Needed for the Soar Debugger and the Java interface. The exact version doesn't matter. You can also use Sun's JDK.
      • Found here.
    • SWIG: Required.
      • Acts as a bridge between the Soar C++ libraries and the various other languages. Since nearly
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  • Building on Linux

    Building on Linux

    Building Soar on Linux

    These instructions are for Ubuntu, which is the only officially supported Linux distribution right now. However, we've used Soar on a variety of distributions without any problems.

    Install the Prerequisites
    • You can install all of the prerequisites using this command:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential swig openjdk-7-jdk python-all-dev

    What the components do
    • build-essential: Required.
      • Gives you the GNU compiler tools.
    • SWIG: R
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  • Building on Windows

    Building on Windows

    Soar has been tested on 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 and 8. It might also run on other versions of Windows, but they have not been tested and are not officially supported.

    Install the Prerequisities
    • Microsoft Visual C++ compiler: Required.
      • Soar has been tested on Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express 2010 and better.
      • Note that because Soar is built by SCons, you don't need the Visual Studio IDE or project configurations to build it. You only need the command-line compiler, linker,
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