Instructions for installing and running Soar 8.4 on Windows 95/NT. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Requirements: 1. The Soar distribution, winzip'd from 2. Tcl 8.0.4 binaries for Windows, available from 3. Winzip 6.2 or greater. This file contains the full source release of Soar-8.4, already precompiled to run on Windows 95/98 and Windows NT. 1. Download Soar84.EXE and extract the files by dbl-clicking on it. If you don't have winzip, you'll need to install that first. By default, it will create a folder on your C:\ drive called Soar-8.4. 2. If you do NOT have Tcl 8.0 installed on your system (and the version does matter), you will need to install it now. If you do have it, skip to step 3. You can check whether or not you have these packages installed by looking in "C:\Program Files\TCL" If in the "bin" folder you already have "tclsh80.exe" and "wish80.exe" and in the "lib" folder, "Tcl8.0" and "Tk8.0" then you can go to step 4. Otherwise, download and install the Tcl8.0 binaries from the above-mentioned web site. By default the installer should try to create "C:\Program Files\TCL" to install the binaries. If you allow it to install in the default location, Soar-84 should run without any modifications. If you desire to install Tcl/Tk somewhere else, you will need to edit the SoarWin shortcut file (see step 3). If you did not find Tcl in the standard location, you might try to "Find" it somewhere else on your system. If it is installed in some other directory, you don't need to re-install it, just edit the "SoarWin" shortcut as in step 3. 3. Open the Soar-8.4 folder. If you installed Soar-8.4 in and Tcl/Tk in "C:\Program Files\TCL" then you can go to step 4. If you installed Tcl/Tk in some location other than "C:Program Files\TCL", then you will need to edit the "SoarWin" shortcut properties. With the mouse over the "SoarWin" icon (a feather, for now) press the right mouse button and activate "properties" (bottom entry on the popup menu). Select the "ShortCut" tab near the top. On the line that says "Target" change "C:\Program Files\TCL\bin\wish80.exe" to be the full path location of your installation of Wish8.0. Save the shortcut properties by clicking on "OK." 4. In the Soar-8.4 folder, start Soar by dbl-clicking on the "SoarWin" icon. This invokes Wish and loads the file start-soar.tcl, which defines libraries and such and invokes the TSI (Tcl-Soar Interface). A window will pop up in the upper right corner of the screen -- this is the Agent Control Panel of the TSI. In the Agent Control Panel, enter an agent name (in the text entry area) and press return or use the mouse to activate the "Create Agent" button to create a Soar agent. Another window will pop up! This is the agent window. It has pulldown menus for issueing many Soar commands and also allows you to run demos and invoke help. If you haven't been able to get this far, please send email to describing the results of each step above. I'll try to respond within a few hours. If you would like to create a Soar application folder, separate from the Soar-8.4 folder you just installed, you only need to copy two things to your new folder to run Soar: the "SoarWin" shortcut and the "start-soar.tcl" file. You will need to edit start-soar.tcl to point to the fixed location of your Soar-8.4/library folder. You can also edit start-soar.tcl to not start the TSI, or start your own application instead. If you know how to edit the shortcut properties on Windows to change the command to be invoked, you can change the "SoarWin" shortcut to read some file other than start-soar.tcl, if you like. Please read start-soar.tcl carefully to understand which lines must be part of any startup script in order to run Soar. Note that is you would like your application folder to access "help" pages and the demos, then you wiil need to copy these folders to your new application folder as well. "SoarWin" is not any magic incantation for Soar. It is simply a Windows Shortcut, with properties assigned to have Wish autoload start-soar.tcl. You can achieve almost the same results with vanilla Wish8.0 by simply starting Wish, then cd'ing to the Soar-8.4 folder and "source"ing the start-soar.tcl file. This method leaves you with a "Wish Console" window, which may give helpful diagnostic information, especially if you are having trouble with your Tcl scripts. Instructions for building Soar 8.4 on Windows 95/NT. ---------------------------------------------------- Requirements: 1. Soar-8.4 distribution for windows 2. The Tcl/Tk Source distribution 3. MicroSoft Visual C++, v5.0+ (soar can probably also be built with Code Warrior, we just haven't done that yet.)