Soar 9.6.0 is the current, stable version of Soar. It is the first major release in a few years and includes six key new features and hundreds of important bug fixes and code improvements:
  1. Explanation-Based Chunking: The first official release of a new, far more powerful rule learning algorithm that replaces chunking, Soar's original general learning mechanism
  2. Instance-based model of semantic memory: Can be used in a greater variety of ways and integrates with other aspects of Soar much more cleanly
  3. Streamlined user interface: Has far fewer top-level commands with improved presentation and feedback
  4. Explanations: A new explain command provides interactive exploration of an agent's rule learning experiences
  5. Visualizations: A new visualize command creates graphical representations of Soar's memory systems and even some of its processing
  6. Spreading activation: The first beta release of a model of spreading activation in semantic memory
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How to Install and Launch Soar
  1. Download Soar 9.6.0 Multi-Platform and extract to the folder of your choice
    • Windows users: Avoid path names that are very long or contain spaces or parentheses. They may prevent the software from running.
  2. Navigate to the folder you extracted to
  3. Launch Soar
    • To launch Soar within a graphical user interface
      • Windows users, run SoarJavaDebugger.bat
      • Linux and Mac users, run
    • To launch Soar using a command line interface,
      • Windows users, run Soar_CLI.bat
      • Linux and Mac users, run
      • You can also navigate to the /bin directory in a terminal and run the Soar executable directly
The Soar Manual is not included in the download and can be found here.

Note: This binary download requires a 64-bit operating system. If you'd like to use the graphical debugger, Java must also be installed.

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