This project contains an example PHP project that interfaces with Soar. It includes a sample agent that is a slight modification of the water-jug-rl demo agent included with Soar. The main difference is that the initialization application and the goal-detection elaboration rules condition upon server-side input-link structures to dynamically generate water-jug problem instances.

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For the PHP bindings to build correctly, SWIG Version 1.3.40 is required.

For Soar to interact with PHP, there are a couple manual steps:

1. Open php.ini and set the enable_dl = On

2. Copy (or, preferably, create a symbolic link) of libPHP_sml_ClientInterface?.so (in lib) to the PHP extension_dir (sans the lib prefix).
This is visible via phpInfo() (search for extension_dir) or php-config --extension-dir.

For Soar to work with Apache via PHP, there are another couple steps:

1. The module needs to be loaded by default.
Open php.ini, add (at the end of the list of extensions).

2. The SML shared library (i.e. libSoarKernelSML) needs to be accessible to Apache.
Easiest way: copy the library to system library path (like /usr/local/lib).

  • Nate Derbinsky
Soar Versions
  • Soar 8, 9
  • PHP