The Obscure-bot is an advanced bot that uses mapping. This is a good bot to test your own bot against. To avoid competitors using its code or reverse engineering it, the productions have been saved in a binary form and many of the original names have been replaced by obscure symbols.

To use the Obscure-bot, load in the file obscure-bot through the tank-soar control panel. This in turn loads in the binary file obscure-bot.soarx.

Alternatively, you can create a tank using some other Soar project, excise all of the rules, and then use production load (off the file menu) to directly load in obscure-bot.soarx.

Soar capabilities
  • It's a secret!
Download Links
  • This agent is packaged with the TankSoar environment.
External EnvironmentDefault Rules
  • None.
Associated PublicationsDeveloper
  • John Laird
Soar Versions
  • Soar 8,9
Project Type
  • Binary agent file