This agent demonstrates the use of semantic memory by extending the capabilities of the Graph Search Agent. The description of that agent also applies here.

Has two different uses of semantic memory:
  • Can hold its mission in wm or smem, which is a list of waypoints to visit. This works fine.

    ^parameters.mission-storage [ wm smem ]
  • Can hold all of its waypoints in semantic memory or working memory.

    ^waypoint-storage [ smem wm ]
Note: This agent does not currently work with Soar 9.6.0+ due to changes in the semantic memory model.

Soar capabilities
  • A demonstration of the application for the A* (a-star) default knowledge
  • Semantic memory
Download LinksExternal Environment
  • None.
Default Rules
  • selection-astar.soar
Associated Publications
  • None.
  • John Laird
Soar Versions
  • Soar 9.2 - 9.4.0
Project Type
  • VisualSoar