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Agent Development Tools


In this category you'll find tools to help you develop your Soar agents. This includes IDEs for developing Soar agents, a variety of both real-time and offline debugging tools and some syntax coloring add-ons for certain text editors.

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  • Soar Debugger

    Soar Debugger

    A powerful Soar debugger implemented in Java that interfaces with Soar via SML. The debugger can run a Soar agent within it or hook up remotely to agents running in an environment or another computer.

    Download Links
    • The Soar debugger is included with the SoarSuite release. There is a batch or script file at the top level of the SoarSuite folder that will launch it.
    • An introductory tutorial to the Soar debugger can be found at this page.
    • Douglas Pearson
    • Bob
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  • SoarEditor


    The SoarEditor is an Eclipse plugin that allows you to use the powerful Eclipse IDE for writing Soar agents. It provides syntax coloring, auto-indenting, data map construction and generation, attribute/value completion (using the data map) and agent file structure management.

    Download Links

    The SoarEditor is downloadable via Eclipse itself.
    1. Install the latest version of Eclipse.
    2. In Eclipse, go to Help > Install New Software...
    3. Click on the Add... button to add
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