This file allows you to edit Soar files in the cross-platform editor UltraEdit more easily. This file provides the following functionality:
  • Automatic indentation
  • Syntax coloring
  • Mass commenting (select a block of text and un/comment them all in one step)
  • Function lists (a list of all productions in a file will appear in the function list. Click on a function to immediately scroll to it.)
  • Code folding (click on the plus sign next to a production and it will hide all of its contents except the first line)
Download LinksDocumentation
  • Version 15.00 and later: Download and save it into your "wordfile" directory which by default is %appdata%\IDMComp\UltraEdit\wordfiles, unless you have specified a different directory. Further help and documentation is available here.
  • Version 14.20 and previous: Visit this page for instructions.

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