VisualSoar is a development environment written in Java to aid in the creation of agents for use in Soar. It provides syntax coloring, auto-indenting, data map construction and generation, attribute/value completion (using the data map) and agent file structure management.

Download Links
  • VisualSoar is included with the SoarSuite release. There is a batch or script file at the top level of the SoarSuite folder that will launch it.
  • VisualSoar Source Code
  • If you download the source code, you can find documentation in the "doc" folder.
  • A list of key binding for the VisualSoar can be found at this page.
  • Jon Bauman
  • Brad Jones
  • Brian Harelton
  • Andrew Nuxoll
  • Douglas Pearson
  • Java