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  • Soar 9.6.1, the tutorial, and the manual are included in the release here. (direct download)
  • The 2019 Soar Workshop Tutorial materials can be found here.
  • Soar-related publications can be found here.
  • The latest source code for Soar 9.6.1 can be found at Github.
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  • Soar XML Interface Specification

    Soar XML Interface Specification

    You can find a Word document describing the Soar XML interface specifications here.
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  • SML Output Link Guide

    SML Output Link Guide

    This document provides help on reading the output link of Soar agents using SML.

    General Advice
    • Read the output link after the agent's output phase but before the next decision cycle's input phase.
    This is usually accomplished by registering for an event that fires in this range and reading the output link in there.
    • Excercise care if you save commands (or other working memory elements on the output-link) to use later and return control back to Soar.
    Working memory elements can be...
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  • Threads in SML

    Threads in SML

    This document is intended to explain how threads are used in Soar 8.6 and later (this document is being written against 8.6.3). It assumes you already have a passing familiarity with both Soar and the SML interface language. This is advanced reading, for those who want to understand everything that's going on "under the hood".

    What Threads Exist

    As with all things related to SML, we need to divide up the world into client-side threading and kernel-side thread...
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  • Memory Leak Debugging with Visual Studio

    Memory Leak Debugging with Visual Studio

    This document summarizes one technique for fixing memory leaks in the Soar kernel using Visual Studio's Leak Detection tools.

    First, choose a program you will use for testing. I recommend TestCLI or TestClientSML or some other program that can repeatably cause leaks.

    At the top of the file containing main.cpp, add this:

    #ifdef _MSC_VER
    // Use Visual C++'s memory checking functionality
    #define _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC
    #include <crtdbg.h>
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  • I/O and Reward Links

    I/O and Reward Links


    Soar provides several links on various states: the io, input-link, and output-link exist on the top state, whereas a reward-link exists on every state. This page will describe how to add your own link, using the emotion link as an example (since that's what I'm working on at the moment). Note that this is actually a couple links (like io has a couple links) and it's only on the top state. If you only want a single link and/or you want links on all states, just search the...
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  • Command Line Interface Parsing Code

    Command Line Interface Parsing Code


    The command line interface (CLI) described in this document has no relation to the lexer/parser inside the Soar kernel. CLI often refers to the actual object instance (a member of KernelSML) but sometimes can refer to the whole component.

    The CLI takes an arbitrary string and transforms it into method calls providing a general interface to Soar as described by the help document on the Soar wiki (on Google Code).

    A command line in this context can actually...
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  • Basic Kernel Terminology

    Basic Kernel Terminology

    This is a document that defines some of the basic data structures, files and terminology used in the Soar kernel code. It is very incomplete but a good starting point for understanding the kernel.

    "But where can I start?"

    In a nutshell:
    The Soar Kernel is a very object-oriented, structured set of code. If you don't understand the basic Soar execution cycle and its phases, the source code won't help you. You should start by reading the introductory material...
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  • Getting the Source

    Getting the Source

    To get the source code:
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  • Soar 9.4 Release Notes

    Soar 9.4 Release Notes

    Soar 9.4 Release Notes, October 2014

    This release of Soar includes the the much anticipated Soar Spatial Visual
    System (SVS), various important bug fixes, new commands for semantic memory, a
    new command to set interrupts on productions at run-time, a new chunk naming
    scheme, and an automated mechanism to convert old semantic and episodic memory
    databases to the newest format
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  • How Library Search Paths Work

    How Library Search Paths Work

    OS-Specific Library Search Paths

    This section is not about building Soar, but running the executables that you've built.


    In Linux, the GNU linker provides an -rpath flag that hard codes library search paths into executables. We use this flag for all native executables, such as TestCLI and TestSoarPerformance. These paths are set assuming that the executables and required libraries (specifically reside in the same directory, which is the default...
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