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  • Soar Technical FAQ

    Soar Technical FAQ

    Getting Soar

    Where are the latest Soar releases?

    Check the downloads page for pointers to downloads and release notes. Alternatively you can check out the development trunk from git. See the build documents for more information.

    Running Soar

    How do I run Soar?

    If you downloaded a Soar release, navigate inside the extracted archive and run the shell scripts or batch files to run the various Soar components. The scripts set essential...
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  • Soar Design Dogma

    Soar Design Dogma

    Andrew Nuxoll and John Laird version 0.6 – 07 July 2003


    This document contains a collection of Soar wisdom gathered during a series of conversations between John Laird and myself as I mounted the Soar learning curve over the course of my first year as a graduate student at the University of Michigan. My hope was that by writing these guidelines down I might ease the curve for future Soar users. To get the most value from this document, I recommend you read...
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  • Soar FAQ (old)

    Soar FAQ (old)

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  • Intro to the Soar Debugger

    Intro to the Soar Debugger

    A brief overview of the Soar java-based debugger. ...
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