VisualSoar Keybindings

Project Level Actions:
Ctrl-n | Open a new VisualSoar project
Ctrl-o | Open an existing VisualSoar project
Ctrl-f | Open a text file
Alt-x | Close VisualSoar
Ctrl-t | Tile windows
Ctrl-T | Re-Tile windows

File Level Actions:
Ctrl-s | Save current file in the current window
Ctrl-d | Redraw color syntax in the current window
Ctrl-j | Rejustify text in the current window
F7 | Check all productions against the datamap
Ctrl+F4 | Close the current window
Ctrl+F9 | Minimize the current window

The VisualSoar rule editor uses all the default editing keystrokes
for area selection, clipboard operations and basic editing. The
following two editing command have been added:
Ctrl-Enter | Soar Complete
Tab | Justify the current line

Search and Replace:
Ctrl-f | Find text in the current file
Ctrl-g | Repeat last find
Ctrl-r | Find and replace text in the current file
Ctrl-h | Repeat last find and replace command

Datamap Editing:
The datamap window supports clipboard operations (i.e., cut, copy
and paste) as well as these keystrokes:
Backspace | Delete currently selected attribute
Delete | Delete currently selected attribute
Enter | Expand the current tree node

Operator Window Editing:
Backspace | Delete currently selected node
Delete | Delete currently selected node
Enter | Expand the current tree node

VisualSoar Mouse Operations
Context menus - all windows in VisualSoar have context menus that
accessible by pressing and holding the right mouse

Double Click | Expand the current tree node
Drag & Drop | Move a subtree to a new location
Ctrl + D&D | Copy a subtree to a new location
Ctrl + Shift + D&D | Link a subtree to a new location

==>What is "Drag and Drop"?
It's a common method for manipulating objects under a graphical user
interface. The user moves the mouse pointer over an icon (or other
object) and presses a mouse button. The user holds the button down
while moving the pointer ("dragging" the object) to another place.
The meaning of this action can often be modified by holding certain
keys on the keyboard at the same time.

When using drag and drop with the datamap you should note that the
mouse cursor changes as you begin the operation (the drag part).