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U of M Soar Group


The Soar Group at the University of Michigan

(names followed by research interests and/or current/past positions)
  • Members of the Soar Group
    • John Laird
    • Mazin Assanie - Explanation-based chunking
    • Elizabeth Mamatov - ROSIE
    • Steven Jones - Semantic memory and spreading activation
    • Peter Lindes - Natural language processing
    • Preeti Ramaraj - Mental models in ROSIE
    • Jule Schatz - Semantic memory and spreading activation
    • James Boggs - SVS
    • Peter Yu - Natural language processing and cognitive architectures
  • Ph.D. Alumnae of the Soar Group
    • Bryan Stearns - Optum
    • James Kirk - Center for Integrated Cognition
    • Aaron Minninger - University of Michigan
    • Mitchell Keith Bloch - Amazon Game Growth
    • Ronald S. Chong - Cognitive Modeling, Dual Tasks, Cognitive Architecture, MITRE
    • Clare Congdon - Faculty member at the University of South Maine
    • Ari Covrigaru
    • Nate Derbinsky - Post-doc at Disney Research in Cambridge, MA
    • Nick Gorski - Learning to use memory, Research Scientist at TellApart
    • Peter Hastings - Associate Professor at DePaul University
    • Scott Huffman - VP of Search Engines, Google
    • Justin Li - Occidental College
    • Keegan Kinkade - United States Marine Corps Officer
    • Tolga Konik - Senior Applied Research Scientist at eBay
    • Scott Lathrop - Mental imagery and visualization in Soar. Cyber Command/National Security Agency
    • Brian Magerko - Assistant Professor at Georgia Tech
    • Bob Marinier - Research scientist at Soar Technology, Inc.
    • Shaul Markovitz - Professor, Technion, Israel
    • Craig Miller - Associate Professor at Depaul University
    • Shiwali Mohan - Xerox Parc
    • Andrew Nuxoll - Episodic Memory in Soar, Assistant Professor at University of Portland
    • John Paxton - Professor, Montana State University
    • Douglas John Pearson - President of FlowPlay
    • Joseph Perry Phillips - Machine Discovery, Lecturer at Depaul University
    • Seth Rogers - Senior Software Engineer, Dash Navigation
    • Miller Tinkerhess - Microsoft Game Studios
    • Mike van Lent - Learning by Observation, CEO of Soar Technologies
    • Scott Wallace - Validation of Complex Human Behavior Models, Associate Professor, Washington State University, Vancouver
    • Yongjia Wang - Symantic Learning, Clustering, Research Scientist at QuantCast
    • Mark Wiesmeyer - Medical Image Processor at Computerized Medical Systems Inc., St. Louis MO
    • Sam Wintermute - Google
    • Robert Wray - Machine Learning, Cognitive Architecture, Architecture Evaluation, Chief Scientist at Soar Technology, Inc., Co-Director of the Center for Integrated Cognition
    • Joseph Xu - Google
    • Eric Yager - Senior Scientist, General Motors
  • Other Alumnae of the Soar Group
    • Lauren Naylor - Keyot
    • Cory Dunham - Soar Technology
    • Parker Hamilton
    • John Hawkins - UCSF
    • Isaiah Hines - Microsoft
    • Steve Houchard - High Voltage
    • Tim Hoffman - Microsoft
    • Randy Jones - Soar Technology and Colby College
    • Alex Kerfoot - RPM Collective
    • Frank Vincent Koss - Soar Technology
    • Karen Coulter - University of Michigan
    • Paul Nielsen - Soar Technology
    • Shelly Nason
    • Mike Parent - Cryptic Studios, LA
    • Devvan Stokes
    • Russ Tedrake - Machine Learning, Assistant Professor at MIT
    • Jonathan Voigt - Soar Technology, Inc.
    • Chris Waterson
    • Mark Yong - Lecturer, School of Computer Engineering at Nanyang Technological University bonus veren siteler deneme bonusu veren siteler
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