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  • Visual Soar Key Bindings

    Visual Soar Key Bindings

    VisualSoar Keybindings

    Project Level Actions:
    Ctrl-n | Open a new VisualSoar project
    Ctrl-o | Open an existing VisualSoar project
    Ctrl-f | Open a text file
    Alt-x | Close VisualSoar
    Ctrl-t | Tile windows
    Ctrl-T | Re-Tile windows

    File Level Actions:
    Ctrl-s | Save current file in the current window
    Ctrl-d | Redraw color syntax in the current window
    Ctrl-j | Rejustify text in the current window...
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  • Soar Manual

    Soar Manual

    A handy reference and the authoritative documentation for Soar.

    The official Soar Manual can be found here.

    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. The Soar Architecture
    3. The Syntax of Soar Programs
    4. Chunking
    5. Reinforcement Learning
    6. Semantic Memory
    7. Episodic Memory
    8. The Soar User Interface
    • Appendices
      1. The Blocks-World Program
      2. Grammars for Production Syntax
      3. The Calculation of O-Support
      4. The Resolution of Operator Preferences
      5. A Goal Dependency Set Primary
    • Index
    • Summary
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