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  • Episodic Memory Tutorial Agent

    Episodic Memory Tutorial Agent

    A very simple agent that shows how structures are stored in episodic memory and then retrieved.

    Soar capabilities
    • Episodic memory
    Download LinksExternal Environment
    • None.
    Default Rules
    • None.
    Associated Publications
    • Soar Episodic Memory Tutorial
    • John Laird
    Soar Versions
    • Soar 9
    Project Type
    • Plain text
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  • Knowledge Base Agent

    Knowledge Base Agent

    This agent has a knowledge base of animal species in working memory from the web. For the first few decisions, it "observes" each entry in the kb (i.e. there is a WME that refers to each of the kb entries, once per decision), storing each to episodic memory. The agent also has a set of unit tests in working memory. Each test is composed of "steps," where a step has properties like "type" (e.g. query vs. retrieve), the "expected" outcome, the "command"...
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