Getting Started with Soar
  1. If necessary, install the correct version of Java for your OS and hardware.
  2. Download the Soar Tutorial. It contains Soar, the Java Debugger, VisualSoar, Eaters, TankSoar, sample agents, and Soar documentation.
  3. Extract to the folder of your choice.
  4. Navigate to the folder you extracted to.
  5. Read, understand and perform the tasks in each chapters of the tutorial.
    • There is a separate pdf for each, as well as one for the Soar manual.
    • Double click batch/shell/command files such to lauch the Java Debugger, VisualSoar, Eaters, TankSoar to launch the programs described in the tutorial.
  • Troubleshooting: The 64-bit version of Soar require the 64-bit version Java! Make sure to download the correct one. This is a common source of problems.
  • Troubleshooting: Windows 8 users, if you find that the java debugger doesn't do anything when you open the launch script, you may be missing the msvcp120.dllthat used to be available in previous versions of Windows without any special steps. You can install that file via the Visual Studio 2013 redistributable package:
If you have questions about running/building Soar or writing Soar agents, you can send a message to the soar-help mailing list, which is read by many helpful members of the community. You can join the mailing list at this page and then send your question to

Online Version

Within the SoarSuite download, you will find a complete copy of the Soar Tutorial. They are also provided here for easier online access.
  1. Introduction
  2. Simple External Interaction
  3. Subgoals
  4. More Simple Problem Solving
  5. Planning and Learning
  6. Quakebot
  7. Reinforcement Learning Tutorial
  8. Semantic Memory Tutorial
  9. Episodic Memory Tutorial