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This category contains an extensive list of domains you can develop agents in. Some are game-like environment simulators while other provide access to an external knowledge source for your agent to process and manipulate, for example WordNet or SoarQnA. All of these domains are fully interfaced with Soar already.

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  • PDDL Translator

    PDDL Translator

    This tool will dynamically generate a domain based on the Planning Domain Definition Language. It contains a Java program that can translate a domain specification written in the Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL) 1.2 into a Python SML environment and a set of Soar rules that propose legal operators. The program was generated by ANTLR v3.1.3 from a PDDL grammar written by Zeyn Saigol at University of Birmingham.

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    PDDL domains...
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  • General Game Player Translator

    General Game Player Translator

    This tool will dynamically generate an agent based on the Game Description Language used by the General Game Playing project.

    It contains a Python program that translates Game Description Language definitions (usually stored in files with .kif extension) into self-contained Soar agents that simulate the mechanic of the game in working memory and productions.

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    Run the translator as follows:

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